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tpo 1 integrated writing

The lecture and passage discuss the pros and cons of implementing the job to four days in a week against the regular five days in a week and accepting less pay to around eighty percent of their normal pay so that it can benefit the company and employee. The lecturer cast doubts on the suggestions made by the writer of the passage in the following ways.

Firstly, the author of the passage states that the company profit can be enhanced since the employees are rested and are attentive. Likewise, hiring does not increase the payroll cost because they are only provided with eighty percent of their salary. The lecturer rebuts this by stating that when more job openings are offered more money needs to be invested for their training as well as their health benefits. Similarly, there will be a greater requirement for office space and computers which requires more money to be allocated.

Secondly, the writer of the passage mentions that the unemployment rate is reduced since permanent workers only do their job for four days and the rest of the days will be available for the newly hired people to work. The lecturer refutes this viewpoint by arguing that the companies will consider the workers to do overtime or ask them to do the five day job in four days. Subsequently, no additional posts will be created for the job.

Thirdly, the writer of the passage explains that individuals can spend more time with their family and engage more in their leisure activities in exchange for lower salary. The lecturer opposes this point in passage by referring that the four day worker will have an unstable job situation and the chances of getting promoted will be reduced.

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