TPO 17 – task 1

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TPO 17 – task 1

The professor discusses the decline in the population of birds in the United States and refutes each of the author's points by providing supporting details and explanations. The information she presents contradicts the facts outlined in the reading passage.

First, the professor asserts that the claim about destruction of bird's natural habitats is unconvincing. She states that human settlements, however, provided better and larger habitats for some species of birds. For example, the population of Hawks, Pigeons, and Rodents in some cities has increases. Although the population of some types of birds has declined, the population of other types increased significantly. However, the reading passage says that the size of the bird population depends on those vanishing habitats.

Second, the speaker makes the point that wilderness areas had not been converted to agricultural use in the way the passage assumes. Actually, less land was used for agricultural use in the US due to new agricultural technologies. Moreover, due to introduction of high productive and new crops, more food is available for people in the US. With the advent of new technologies and sciences, there is no need to destroy the wilderness areas. On the other hand, the article specifies that the growth of agriculture will lead to more destruction of birds’ habitats.

Third, the speaker speaks about two methods that were used in US to control the negative effects of traditional pesticides. Firstly, the scientists have developed less toxic pesticides. Secondly, the crops become more pesticide resistance. Therefore, there is less need for chemical resistance corps and the birds will not be hurt at all. Quite the opposite, the reading passage indicates that pesticides have significantly contributed to declines in bird population.

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due to introduction of high productive and new crops
due to the introduction of high productive and new crops

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