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Both of the reading passage and the listening section discuss genetically modified trees. The essay gives some statement but the lecturer casts doubt on it, and provides some convincing reasons to refute it.

First of all, the article mentions that the modified trees are more likely to survive than natural trees. However, the speaker disagrees with the idea by arguing that the genetic trees cannot assure for surviving longer than natural trees. To be more specific, if the climate change, the nature trees have various genes to survive, but the genetic trees' genes are uniform. That is, the genetic trees might disappear after the disaster.

Secondly, the essay suggests that the genetically modified trees can bring economy for the farmers. Once again, the speaker challenges the article by stating that the genetic seeds are expensive. To elaborate, the farmer will cost much money on purchasing the seeds. Moreover, once the farmer wants to spread the seeds and germinate the genetic trees, they have to pay for the company again.

Last but not the least, the reading passage proposes that the trees which are genetically modified can help to protect the wild trees on overexploitation. Nevertheless, the speaker disagrees with the argument by contending that the genetic trees will compete the natural trees. Therefore, the genetic trees with fast growth will keep the natural trees from growing. To be more specific, the natural earn less materials than the genetic trees such as sunlight and waters.

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