TPO-21 - Integrated Writing Task Genetic modification, a process used to change an organism’s genes and hence its characteristics, is now being used to improve trees through genetic modification. It is possible to create trees that produce more fruit, g

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In these early decades we've been seen high development in many different fields to reach high quality, and this progress is really obvious in agriculture. Genetic modification is one of the newest processes that is used to change an organism's genes in order to amend its features. this process can improve trees and many other kinds of plants to get the better production and to be able to grow faster in spite of obstacles like bad conditions weather. although Genetic modification seems that is an extremely powerful bridge to get a golden target and achievement, it can have some disadvantages for environment and even people.

First, whereas modified trees are stronger than nature ones to face some bad situations like lack of water and nutrient in soil, attack of pests..., but genetically modified trees survive in some especial areas and we can't cultivate them in any region because they easily damage. It is really common these trees are so sensitive due to their specific genetics.

Second, high rapid growth of genetically modified trees is one of the best benefits to farmers who grow them as they can reach to very greater yields of food, and fruit or other kinds of products but farmers should pay a lot of money to buy modified seeds every time that they want to till them therefore, it's one another disadvantage of genetically modified seeds cultivation.

Finally, as you know there are many different types of trees naturally around us like big natural parks, forests and so forth, people cut down wild trees and use their woods but if we cultivate modified trees in large scale, we can use them to create wooden materials. Despite this advantage our resources are limited, so when the number of modified plants increase, natural trees can't use adequate soil, light, water and etc. As a result, the number of original species trees reduce.

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