TPO-21 - Integrated Writing Task Genetic modification, a process used to change an organism’s genes and hence its characteristics, is now being used to improve trees through genetic modification. It is possible to create trees that produce more fruit, g

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The reading passage and the lecture are both about the trees modification by genetically and a causes related to them. The author of the article explains that, this early prospective is very advantageous for the trees species and their usage. While, the professor casts doubt claim made on the article, he thinks that, this system creates a lots of problematic cases.

First, the passage describes that, the genetically program trees can survives strongly as compared to normal tress in particular conditions, such as: new pesticide resistant genes trees are responding to the ring-spot virus efficiently,in Hawaii. In turn, the lecturer states that, these modifications could not be able the trees to stand in different disaster situations, like: environmental conditions.

Secondly, the writer contends that, these new growing trees giving many of the food item, fruits and flower as well, that it increases indirectly the economy of the States. However, the speaker rebuts this argument, he says that, actually, it is very expensive to deal because, their seeds are not available easily, farmers and company laws also very challenging.

Lastly, the article mentions that, increasing the demand now-a-days for the buildings and other construction influence the natural trees negatively, so in this scenario, they are the better solution. On the other hand, the professor posits that, by increasing their population, which surrounds the natural tress places, make a hazardous condition to the natural tree environment, directly attacking the resources, especially.

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