TPO-24 - Integrated Writing Task Animal fossils usually provide very little opportunity to study the actual animal tissues, because in fossils the animals' living tissues have been largely replaced by minerals. Thus, scientists were very excited recently

The main idea of both the passage and the lecture is about the actual animal tissues. In this line of thought, the reading states that the actual animal tissues can find with the breaking of the fossils leg bone, the presence of spheres of red blood cells, and remaining collagen on the fossils. The lecturer, on the other hand, casts doubt on all of the three episodes of arguments mentioned in the passage, believing that none of these strategies are practical and lead to the real world. In the rest of the passage, a comparison between them is provided.

First of all, the reading and the listening materials talk about the breaking of the fossils leg bone. The author explains that the breaking of the fossilized leg bone revealed many small branching channels inside, which probably correspond to hollows in the bones where blood vessels were once located. The exciting finding was the presence of a soft, flexible organic substance inside the channels. Thus, the author contends that this soft substance may very well represent the remains of the actual blood vessels of T. rex. On the contrary, the lecturer believes that when one organism dead bacteria colonized in the hollow and it’s difficult to trace material from the blood vessels. This directly contradicts what the passage indicates.

Second, both the text and the talk discuss the presence of spheres of red blood cells. The author points out that a microscopic examination of the various parts of the inner bone revealed the presence of spheres that could be the remains of red blood cells. Tests showed that the spheres contained iron-a material vital to the role of red blood cells in transporting oxygen to tissues. Moreover, the author elaborates that the spheres had dark red centers (substances with iron tend to be reddish in color) and were also about the size of red blood cells. However, the lecture notes that the Scientific find some reddish spheres which don’t pertain the T-rex in the same places. The spheres probably have a very different origin. They are probably just pieces of reddish mineral. This was another place where experience contradicted the theory.

Eventually, remaining collagen on the fossils which is discussed by both the passage and the lecture. The author mentions that scientists performed a test on the dinosaur leg bone that showed that it contained collagen. Collagen is a fibrous protein that is the main component of living bone tissue, in which it forms a so-called collagen matrix. Hence, the author suggests that Collagen (or its chemical derivatives) is exactly the kind of biochemical material that one would expect to find in association with bone tissue. The lecturer rebuts this argument. The lecturer states that collagen cannot live last long, and this founded is improbable. Maybe this collagen comes from the human skin. This opinion directly contradicts the passage presented and making it infeasible.

Sum up, although the passage provides some reasons for the actual animal tissues, the lecture opposes about the effectiveness and possibility of those reasons.

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