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TPO-27 - Integrated Writing Task The little ice age was a period of unusually cold temperature in many parts of the world that lasted from about the year 1350 until 1900CE. There were unusually harsh winters, and glaciers grew larger in many areas. Scient

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The reading and the lecture both discuss ice age period. The author of the reading believes that this period of time create some harsh winter for the people around the world. On the other hand, the lecturer opposes reading's reasons by providing detailed information.
First of all, the author claims that one of the causes is about disrupting of ocean currents. The lecturer challenged this point. He states that this factor is effective only in Europ and North America, but we saw the ice ages in the many spots around the world such as Africa and Newsland.
Second of all, the author mentions that dust have a big influence on this phenamenal. Consequently, there will be many clouds in the sky which is prevent sun to warm the earth. The professor rebuts this point. He thinks that there is no report about seeing so many clouds in the sky or observing grey snows by people in that period of time. As a matter of fact, these changes will have some visual effects on the cities, but there is no evidence.
Finally, the reading states that humans have some undirect effects on this issue. For example by growing trees in the vacant lands. In the contrast, the lecturer refutes this reason. He states that forest are not long enough to cause these kinds of issues

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