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TPO 42

In this set of materials, both the reading and the lecturer discuss possible reasons which help to prevent accidents of birds to the class that use as building materials for modern architecture. Although the passage provides three theories for solving this problem, the speaker refutes all of the arguments through several reasons, which will be described in this report.

To start off with, the passage points out that using one-way glass would a practical solution because birds cannot see inside homes so that they do not try to fly through it, and people also can see out. The lecture, in contrast, rejects this by claiming that one-way glass is the same as a mirror; hence, it reflects all the objects like sky and trees, but people can see out by these classes. Furthermore, birds cannot distinguish that pictures in the windows are not real; hence, they try to fly through them.

Going through the next approach, the reading passage states that architectures would either paint some parts of windows or drawing some lines on regular window glass; hence, birds see the stripes and avoid trying to fly through the glass also people can see out, and receive enough sunlight. However, the professor argues that painting some part of windows makes a picture like a hole that birds would try to fly right through it; nevertheless, people can achieve enough sunlight. But, if human paints most parts of windows for making a hole become smaller that birds can distinguish, people cannot receive enough sunlight from outside.

To take into the end, although the passage says that individuals make a magnetic field around their buildings, and birds have a natural ability to sense Earth's magnetic field, so it could keep birds away from the buildings. The speaker disagrees by mentioning that birds only use this ability when they want to travel for a long distance such as migrating from cold countries to warm ones. He adds that birds use both their eyes and sunlight when they travel for a short distance like a travelling into the city. So, it is not a practical solution.

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