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In the reading passage, it indicates that there exists a new portrait of the famous English novelist Jane Austen which is owned by one of the Austens. However, the professor talks about the same subject and holds an opposite opinion, and he stated his evidence of the disagreement specifically.

Firstly, the reading mentions that the portrait was used as an illustration of Austen's letter, so that the portrait could be easily recognized by her family since they are so familiar to it. In fact, the portrait was first been used as the illustration in the time that 70 years after Jane Austen's death, so it is implausible her existing families in 1882 could have any idea what did her look like.

Moreover, the reading article suggests that the face in that portrait resembles Jane Austen's face in the sketch by Cassandra. But some further evidence shows that Jane's cousin and even her own children looks after her so much, so it might be a portrait of Jane's relatives. And the professor has said that the young lady model could be her niece. Hence, the true character on the portrait could not be sure by just resemblances.

Finally, the reading part asserts that the painting style is similar to Ozias Humphrey, who charged plenty of money and usually paint for wealthy people. Whereas the presenter argues that there is an evidence that could tell the probable date of the portrait, which is a little board with the dealer's name -William Lag- on it. He was a dealer that could not sell the outcomes from Humphrey when Austen was a teenager.

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could have any idea what did her look like.
could have any idea for what did her look like.

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