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In the reading passage, it indicates that the trend of the decreasing amount of people who read literature is an unfortunate loss for the society. However, the professor holds different opinion about this changing, and she gives specific explanations about it.

Firstly, it is expressed in the reading part that novels, plays and poems are best tools to stimulate readers intellectually, which the presenter argues that some other books which are scientific or historical would also be high qualified in intellectual stimulations. Indeed, people could always have other choices to use imaginations and learn knowledge other than reading literature.

Moreover, the reading passage suggests that plenty of best sellers are superficial and poorly in using language, and watching television, watching videos, as well as surfing the internet will eventually lower the cultural level the of whole public. Whereas, in the lecturer's idea, listening to some well-played music and watching a decent movie in the cinema are anything but wasting time. The ways people enjoy lives and appreciate culture have been changed by the rapidly developed technology and society, which does not mean people have lost the ability of tasting masterpieces.

Finally, there are lots of brilliant writers with few audience, which could be the reason of literature depreciation, as stated in the reading article. In fact, the professor said that it is not the readers' fault, which means authors have made their books too hard to be understood. Even though the people lived in the past who have claimed their love for literature would be confused by today's work.

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