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People are moving to urban areas from rural areas for better life. What do you think about?

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Nowadays, due to the increased facilities most of the people from rural areas tend to move to the urban areas, which attracted the numerous controversies and drawn the attention of the public. It can be said that this move from less developed areas to developed region is better for the rural area population, while on the other hand stands a perspective that it can create problems for the people who live in cities. This essay will further elaborate on both sides and thus will lead to logical conclusion.

At the very outset, there are myriad of reasons why it is beneficial for countryside people to move to the cities, but the most preponderant on stems from the fact that by moving to urban areas people can access the various facilities like as, better education, hospital services, and good work opportunities. Moreover, by taking the advantage of all these facilities rural area people can make their life far more better than rural areas. Therefore, all advanced facilities can helps the village people to improve their lifestyle.

Notwithstanding, some people hold and opposing view and tend to believe that welcoming the rural area people in cities means giving the rise to the problems like as, road traffic, overcrowding, and pollution. Furthermore, all these hackles will not only made the life of city people difficult, but also create problems for the management councils. For example, specifically, a study conducted by the University of Sydney found the there is a drastic increase in poverty as a result of people movement from villages to cities.

In view of arguments outlined above, one can conclude that everyone hold an opposing about the movement of rural area people.

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