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You need to study climate change. Which aspect of climate change will you choose and why? Use examples.

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In recent years, there has been a colossal upsurge in the trend to see prodigies discussing the reasons for the global warming across the world, be it an affluent or impoverished nation. There is a wide range of factors that account for why this is happening. In this essay, I will elaborate on the reasons for this situation and how one can deal with this provided some effective measures are taken.

At the outset, there are myriad of reasons why I would choose this particular area of learning. The most conspicuous one is that the planet is experiencing the hottest years in last two decades, due to the level of overall pollution rocketed. Not only its consequences have to be faced by habitat and organism, but it also leads to the catastrophic environmental conditions like coastal flooding, drought, chronic water shortage and the like. Needless to say, these repercussions of the climate change will keep the planet in a low-level position, as far as the habitable environment is concerned.

However, steps to deal with this problem are many, but the most significant steps are not remote or complicate but accessible and plausible. Firstly, the government can frame and impose new environmental protection laws and implement those with zero tolerance. In addition to that, individuals can lessen carbon footprint by using environmentally friendly public transport instead of their own car, whereas organisations can find ways to produce goods and services with less discharge of pollutants.

To recapitulate from the aforementioned arguments, one can conclude that the situation that stemmed from the climate change can be easily remedied, provided that the aforementioned measures are taken. Its harmful effects are indeed too dire to ignore.

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