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Experience is a more effective way to teach, compared to books? Agree or disagree.

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In recent years, there has been a colossal upsurge in the trend to see prodigies discussing the importance of learning through experience compare to books across the world, be it an affluent or impoverished nation. In this essay, I will elaborate learning through experience plays a vital role in one's life.

At the outset, there are myriad of benefits which can be attributed to the experience in the life. Firstly, the most conspicuous one is that experience means the knowledge which earns by a common man while performing day to day activities. Not only do the experiences gathered from daily activities equip one to rectify future act, but each and every situation is also not mentioned in the books, it can only learn through practice. Hence, needless to say, all these associated advantages of the unique experience have a far-reaching positive effect on the individuals.

To embark this, another pivotal facet of the argument is that books provide only basic knowledge of topic like techniques of selling, production, marketing and planning, but these techniques can be implemented only if we have a better experience in the respective field. Besides, the hardest and important lessons a person learn in life comes from our participation in different situations and master those skills by practice. Hence, it hardly needs to mention experiencing own mistakes and disasters will keep an individual in a preponderant position in tough conditions.

To recapitulate from the arguments aforementioned, one can reach out to a conclusion that books, parents and teachers give us guidelines but the upsides of experiences in the situations are indeed too great to ignore.

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