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reached the desired score

Hi guys.

I wanted to share with you my experience about the TOEFL test.

I finally got the score I needed. It was a little bit difficult to figure out what the TOEFL test was about. However, after 6 times, I realized this test is not about how much English you know or learn, it is about strategies. Being able to master these skills is vital for the TOEFL test. I would like to recommend this site TEST BIG to study for the speaking and writing section. I can say it is 95 % accurate. I got 23 on the speaking part and 27 on the writing in my real test, and this score is so similar to the score I have gotten from the test big.

Thank u.

Wow, congratulations!


Congratulations! We are so happy to know you got the desired scores.

Good luck and best wishes for your future successes.

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Hi, france79, good job!

best regards,