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Are a person's actions a better indicator of his or her thoughts and feelings than are words?

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Its always said that action speak louder than words but i really do not know whether to approve or disapprove it. At times i think a persons action acts as a better indicator of her thoughts and feelings than words. For instance how can a person say that he or she loves you when actually his or her action betray her. Its by what we do that people are able to know your real intention.

Scarlett,was once a victim of circumstance.She really knew the meaning of true love in which her partner really did not take it seriously. She and her friend were thought to be the best of friends but it was clear to me that Scarlett was the only one who valued their friendship. Whenever her friend was sick,Scarlett would wash for her her clothes, bring her food wherever she is and even helped her with her studies even when she was in bed because of the great love she had for her. She was always willing to do anything for her friend if it will make her comfortable. But this was not evident when it comes to Shantelle, Scarlett's friend. Yes she would tell her that she loves her so much and she is capable of doing anything for her,but no her actions betrayed her.When Scarlett needed her help,in studies and at other times it was always different, every time Shantelle always could give excuses for not being there for her. 'Am busy, i have got another discussion to go to,the teacher has send for me to run some errands for him or am not well. 'But being the understanding type she will concur to what Shantelle said.One time she sat down and meditated all by herself and is by doing so that she discovered she has been a fool for a long time but its okay,she would say to herself as she began to distant herself from her because their relationship was not worth it. Scarlett's actions were a better indicator of her thoughts and feelings towards Shantelle. She valued the meaning of a true friend.

Yes its clear to me that a person's action are better indicator of a persons thoughts and feelings than words though at times it can be misinterpreted especially depending on the relationship between the concerned characters.

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