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Can Success Be Disastrous

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Success is the achievement of a particular goal or target after a period of waiting. Overtime, the effect of success has been over emphasized, people believe that success is everything. So, they work hard day and night to achieve that singular goal that they think will bring them satisfaction. But what they fail to realize is that there are sacrifices that comes with focusing everything you’ve got on one particular goal, which can make success disastrous.

After an individual has worked so hard to achieve a particular goal. Such a person will find it difficult to put all his/her effort to something different, because he believes he has gotten all he wants. For example, my cousin, David read day and night in order to graduate with the best result possible from college. After several sleepless nights he finally achieved his goal. But, after that he found it difficult to move on. He felt that was the end of life and that there was nothing else to work hard for. He tried everything possible, but he couldn’t regain the fire for success which he once had in him.

Furthermore, success tends to make one feel comfortable in a particular position. Once they get to that position, they stop every form of work or struggle, because they believe that is the final stop for them. This problem arises mainly as result of high goal setting. People set great targets for themselves and once they achieve it, it all ends there for them, they refuse to move forward. For Instance, during the tenure of President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2006, Nigeria’s major goal was to achieve independence in the refining of petroleum. Fortunately, we were able to attain independence by December 2006, but after that no one made any attempt to move forward. Everyone was comfortable with the current position, because they thought that was our best.

Additionally, the drive to achieve just one goal can lower the thinking faculty of anyone, because for that period in time you are focused on just one thing and you are fail to look beyond that one goal. Due to this, many people with a lot of potential die without anyone getting to know what they had in them.

It is always good to work hard to attain greatness, but it is not good to focus on just one thing and push everything else aside. You can only enjoy your success when you combine your pursuit for that success with other important things as well. So, if anyone fails or doesn’t go as planned, you will always have something to fall back on.

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