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is deception ever justified?

Essay topics: is deception ever justified?

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for many years we have been taught that Honesty is the best policy .even though this motto has become a cliche, but what it states is true. One should profess the act of honesty not only towards others but also to oneself. While one can get away with deception at first but in the long run it can lead to serious implications

Sometimes deception occurs in form of white lies. I remember, once my friend James participated in a talent show where he showcased his talent by playing the guitar. He asked for my opinion on his song. To protect his feelings and not to undermine his confidence I appreciated him for his song even though it was not up to the standards and was a little bit amusing . Unfortunately, He did not win the competition and even got laughed off. I should have noted that this was a serious matter for him and told him the truth. By being honest I would have helped him win the competition ,but instead ,I lead him to failure and humiliation.

Deception sometime regards to serious issues that leads to dreadful consequences. In such situations being truthful is the right thing. Once my brother helped his friend john cheat during a test.my brother and john, being honest, admitted their act to the teacher afterwards. Since they confessed, The teacher made both of them write their test separately and appreciated their honesty. if they wouldn’t have told the truth they might have been kicked out of school. Furthermore, both my brother and john’s decision served as an example of morality for all the students.

in some cases one might deceive someone to protect their sentiments and it indeed proves useful for them and encourages them. Like in the poem The Last Leaf by O. Henry in which a women suffering from pneumonia feels that when the last leaf falls from the tree outside her house she would die. but once an artist uses his skills to make an exact replica of the leaf and the tree and paste on the wall- a leaf that will never fall. Thus the artist gave hope to the women to survive and most importantly made her believe in herself.

Therefore, one can see deception as a chocolate. It can make make people happy and joyful but it can sometimes cause poor health and can be dangerous in future. Thus, deception appears to be justifiable but it holds future problems.

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even though this motto has become a cliche, but what it states is true
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Sentence: It can make make people happy and joyful but it can sometimes cause poor health and can be dangerous in future.
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