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Do small events lead to catastrophes or are great events initiated by other causes?

Essay topics: Do small events lead to catastrophes or are great events initiated by other causes?

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According to the laws of physics, matter can’t be obtained from nothing. This theory can also be used in our daily lives. Therefore, every disastrous problem, that we are obligated to confront, has a cause. According to my personal idea, small events are assembled and create a cause which is usually ignored. This small cause develops itself and someday hits you. Therefore, in this essay I will support this aspect of the issue and argue those who are opposing.

Humans tend to focus on important problems rather than solving small ones before they also become huge. This anatomic fact and tendency leads us to inevitable catastrophes and damaging consequences. Seeing someone completely conc ...

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Sentence: In our case the catastrophe is the mathematics test, the small event developing on its own is the chemistry test and the final situation is you getting a low grade from chemistry.
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