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What is one important “easy and preferred answer” that we should resist? That is, what dangerous misconception do people commonly hold?

Essay topics: What is one important “easy and preferred answer” that we should resist? That is, what dangerous misconception do people commonly hold?

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We humans are living in a perfectly imperfect world. Every human interaction we see, every decision we make has behind it an easy answer. Not a right answer but an easy way out. One that seems to offers a break but in fact brings a much more dangerous outcome. History is littered with decisions, choices like these that have brought devastating outcomes and whose effect still echoes to the present day we live in.

One misconception that I consider quite dangerous is the notion of seeking justification of how this world came to be without a single shred of evidence. There are many of these justifications. One might call them myth, others call them religion. But nonetheless they both affect us in a way that bends reality to fit our cause. Here is an examples; we all grew up being told the story of Noah and the ark. How God selected a single family amongst thousands to be the sole survivor in sort of supernatural cleansing and start the human population anew. Although this story is not proven, it serves as a moral education. This sort of lessons might end up in the wrong hand and be used for the wrong purposes.

For centuries we have fought each other due to our different perspectives of the world. These different perspectives all arise from choosing an easy answer of explaining how we came to be. It is a misconception, an error that has led to the loss of many innocent lives and we still suffer from it. And all of these still exist to relieve us from the burden of fear of what happens beyond death. We are simple beings that crave social interactions and survival with one another and the thought of losing someone we hold dear to us can drive us into all sorts of psychological breakdown and thus the misconception of extremist ideology and perpetual worship comes to fruition.

There are many misconceptions and easy answers we prefer to choose that make life a little easier. And if these “Answers” are no put under consideration, their effect might cause more harm than good.

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One that seems to offers a break
One that seems to offer a break

are no put under consideration
are not put under consideration

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