106 you need to travel from your home to place 40 miles 64 kilometers away Compare the different kinds of transportation you could use Teel which method of travel you would choose

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106: you need to travel from your home to place 40 miles (64 kilometers) away. Compare the different kinds of transportation you could use. Teel which method of travel you would choose.

If I want to travel to a place, where is 40 miles far from my place, I will have to choose among three possible options. As I don’t usually travel by airplane and bicycle, my options will more likely be traveling by car, train, and by bus. My preference for choosing one of these ways is based on their privileges which I can take on the time. So, under this circumstance, bus is the most advantageous one for me.

Traveling by bus is the best option for me because it is available, cheap, and fast. For traveling by bus, it is enough that I contact and get the bus station bought or reserved one ticket just about one hour before departure. In addition, the price of its ticket isn't often expensive, so that I always used to travel by bus when I was a university student. Moreover, I don't remember that I was late by bus, except for few times that our bus had unexpectedly broken. Therefore, I prefer to travel by bus especially through night, so that I can be on time in order to follow my work in the new place.

Traveling by train is a little difficult for me. If I want to travel by train, I must decide rather one month earlier than the time of my trip. In fact, as the trains in kind of first class are expensive, I should opt for an ordinary one which isn’t available on time. Despite it, for taking trip by train, I should have and consider enough time before traveling because trains are slow and it usually takes more time rather than any other transportation ways. As a result, train is my choice for travel just when I have decided to travel one month earlier and I also want to travel not only for doing a certain work but also for fun.

Car is the most unusual way of traveling for me. I have no any private car. For transporting by car, I should request my father or my sister that they replace me which seldom happens. However, if I want to take a taxi or a car with its driver, it will be too costly and unreasonable for me. So, car is not a suitable alternative to travel.

Deciding to travel, I usually consider the priorities such as the price, availability, and speed of each of the transportation ways. Among all of the possible vehicles for taking trip, I prefer to travel by bus now.

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