Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In order to become financially responsible adults, children should learn to manage their own money at young age. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Any person has several rights and in return, he has many responsibilities towards the society and himself. One of the most significant responsibilities that people has to take is financial responsibilities whether towards his family or even himself. It is not an overstatement that the way one person is raised dramatically influence his behavior as an adult. Therefore, this germane question might arise that what is a proper approach to raise a child to be financially responsible? I strongly believe letting young children manage their money is extremly helpful in order to achieve this goal because they not only get prepared for future responsibilities, but they also grow to be motivated to take their financial responsibilities.

The first aspect that deserves to be pointed out is that by mimicking their future responsibilities, one would become ready to take financial responsibilities and fulfill them successfully. Although financial matters that a children may face are relatively trivial in comparison to adulthood monetary responsibilities and their responsibilities is limited to themselves, not the whole future family, one cannot neglect the role of practicing in preparing children for the future financial matters. Moreover, if children are already prepared for a task and they feel confident in it by previous practices, they are more willing to take their corresponding responsibilities because they are afraid of the responsibilities anymore.

Another pont that deserves a word here is that children, if raised to manage their money at young age, know the true value of money much better. Children who have to manage their money will face with several financial problems. For instance, they would figure out that they should not spend all money available only at the begining of the month and they should save money for the emergencies. They will understand the value of money. Therefore, they are motivated to start their career sooner and take any chance to make money. Consequently, they will potentially become more successful.

In a word, owing to the causes and elucidation outlined in the previous paragraphs, it appears reasonable to safely draw the conclusion that a proper way to teach our children to take financial responsibilities is to let them manage their money on their own when they are young because they will know the value of the money and they will embrace these kind of responsibilities because they are trained for them already.

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