Do you agree or disagree to the statement that distance learning and online computer classes should replace classroom learning

It is critically important for us to know that knowledge is power and such power can be gotten through studies. Personally i disagree with this statement that online classes and distance learning should be use in place classroom learning. I feel this way for two reasons which i will explore in the subsequent paragraphs.

To begin with, classroom lectures gives room for active participation, more accessible and convenient than online learning, this is because students will be free to express his or her self to the lecturer and ask any question needed to be clarify. My personal experience is a compelling illustration to this reality. Early this year price-sly, march 2020, we where inform that all schools in my country is to shut down; as a result, we began the online lectures. During the online learning, many things took place, because we were using google classroom. More so, they are so many question I have in my mind, but I done have the convenient atmosphere to express myself. Reason being that the lecturer cannot see me; even when I ask my question, I may not receive feedback because they are many persons who are asking question on that platform, and even when the professor respond, I might not get it clearly, because he does not have the time to give a full explanation to my question. Unlike when we were having lectures on campus, I have the privilege to express myself and ask as many questions as I can. Based on this experience, I strongly feel that online lessens cannot replace classroom learning.

Furthermore, classroom learning reduces financial burden on candidates in school. The number of persons for online class is limited compare to those who receives lectures in the classrooms. This is as a result of poor network, finance for the internet and the number of users. It is without any shadow of doubt that some platforms have limited number of people that make use of it; some persons live in a place whereby they cannot access the internet due to bad connection. Besides, some student are financially handicap that they cannot afford data to access the internet, as a result, may persons may not get the lecturer for that day, which may eventually affect the persons grade. For instance, when we stop the classroom lecturer, find it difficult to connect to the internet to attend online lecture, because of my location, we have a very bad network and sometimes i strongly to subscribe inter, which I will categorically say is the cause of my low grade last semester. This example best demonstrate how important classroom learning is, compare to online classes.

In conclusion, I strongly disagree with the statement that distance learning and online studies should stand in for classroom learning. This is because, classroom leaning provide better atmosphere to participate actively and it less financial burden on students.

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