Do you agree or disagree?Children should not be allowed to play computer games

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Do you agree or disagree?
Children should not be allowed to play computer games

Nowadays, there is a very high competition between computer game companies for selling their products to customers. In order to achieve this goal and consequently increase their annual income, they hire professional experts to be prosperous in preying on the children. Be Attracted to the computer games in the computer age, is a natural action for the children. However, it is obvious that playing the computer games has some drawbacks which I will mention them as follows.

First, computer games are addictive in nature. It means when a child decides to play one set, he finds himself on set 10. He wastes much time along a day and becomes tired and angry for the rest of the day. For example, when my niece plays computer game for several hours, she becomes opinionated.

Second, during the playing time, children focus on the computer screen and hurt their eyes. On the other hand, they just sit for a long time and do not allow their muscles to release their stored energy by physical activities. Exercising like playing football or badminton, my favorite sport, helps the blood to circulate efficiently and makes the brain stronger.

Third, for those children who are studying, playing computer games more than one hour in a day can be destructive of their education. For instance, imagine a student who comes back to home after his school. He needs to recovery by feeding, resting, and playing in the open space to become ready for fulfilling the paperwork. But, if he plays computer games for some hours, the recovery procedure would be implemented imperfectly. Therefore, he will not have enough energy for his duties.

All in all, living in computer age effects on various aspects of our life, like type of children's games. If all the factors above are considered, we will find out that disadvantages of playing computer games outweigh of its advantages.

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