At universities and colleges sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support

Many people agree that education is the only important thing during college, but what about other activities like sports and social events? . In my opinion sports and other social activities are crucial and they should receive good fund and financial support as academic activities like classes or libraries.
Students in college come from different cultures and backgrounds, so when they join social activities like sports and other events, they learn how to socialize with people who are different and they also learn a lot about other countries.
Sports are very beneficial for students and it can improve their general health, relieve stress and make their bodies stronger. Moreover, some students play team sports as a source of their living . I believe that sports can provide the balance in the students' life, so they are not just focusing on education only.
Other social activities are also important for students in college. For example music clubs. Music can make people united and the students can learn about different music types from different cultures. When students join these events, they enhance their social skills, leadership and team work.
I think that universities should give a great interest toward sports and other social activities by providing facilities for various sports, establishing the student's council and provide the required fund for them to do their activities.
To summarize, college life is not about just studying, social aspects and sports have the same importance as academic aspects and should have a great interest from the universities and colleges.

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