Some people believe it s essential for a person s education to learn to play a musical instrument Others don t believe music education is important Which view do you agree with Explain why

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Some people believe it's essential for a person's education to learn to play a musical instrument. Others don't believe music education is important. Which view do you agree with? Explain why.

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I don't play at any kind of instrument but I like music. Even if people think that is necessary to learn to play a musical instrument I don't think so. Playing a musical instrument has advantages but it's not a necessity for the ordinary man. Learning how to play a instrument will make you try to get somewhere high from a professional point of view. It will make yo wanna be better then the rest. If you are good at one instrument you may even get to be a celebrity and make a lot of money from playing music. To play a instrument you have to like it and you have to have ear. If you don't have ear you'll play poorly and nobody will listen to you. So I think that only talented people should play musical instruments and is not necessary to learn how to play at one.

I think it is a good idea to learn to play a musical instrument. First, music is great creative and expressive form. Not teaching your child an instrument at a young age takes away from them opportunities for their future. For example, I myself never learned an instrument until I came to college. As a downside I will never have the opportunity to play in an orchestra. Also, learning an instrument can actually help kids getting better with science. Study has shown that there’s a correlation between music and math, in other words, music helps you increase your math skills.