TPO 05 - Question 3

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TPO 05 - Question 3

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The school is planning to transform the university dining hall into The Campus Dining Club to give students more real world experience, and it will be a good deal. In the conversation, the man thinks the school's plan is a great idea. First of all, students can get real world experience by cooking for a lot of people. When cooking for more people, there is more pressure, it might be easy to make mistakes with all that stress. And also, he thinks that it'll be cheaper to eat at the Campus Dining Club than going to some of the fancy restaurants in town. The dishes that students make at school will just be as delicious but a lot cheaper.

1. Did you see that article?
2. Yeah, and it sounds like a great idea.
3. It's really good for the students in that program.
4. Don't they cook in class anyway?
5. Well, yeah, they do.
6. But my cousin was in the program a few years ago, and she said that it's very different to cook for a lot people in that kind of atmosphere than to cook for classmates.
7. Why is that?
8. Well, in class, you can take your time, but cooking for more people there is more pressure.
9. I mean you are in a rush, people are waiting, and it might be easy to make a mistake with all that stress.
10. Then they'll think you are a bad chef right?
11. Absolutely.
12. So, OK, its good practice.
13. But what about the extra cost?
14. Well, look at it this way.
15. You've eaten at some of the fancier restaurants in town right?
16. Well, there are some great places to eat around here.
17. Well, these students, they'll be making fantastic meals and it's gonna be cheaper than going out to one of those restaurants.
18. Much cheaper actually.
19. So, you know, it would be worth it.
20. The meal will be as good as the ones in those expensive restaurants.