TPO 21 - Question 3

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TPO 21 - Question 3

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According to the reading, the school has decided to send students daily emails containing campus activities because it is more up to date and email is an important part of everyone’s daily life. Then in the dialogue, the woman agrees for the following reasons. Firstly, for the time being students learn about current event from the weekly newspaper. They will read it and forget it shortly afterwards. So these emails will serve as a daily remainder. Even if some event is cancelled last minute, no body will show up. In addition, everyone check the email inbox at least once a day. If the school can add the cafeteria menu inside, that would be even better.

1. Did you read about the new plan?
2. Yeah, what do you think?
3. I think it's a great idea
4. Really?
5. Why?
6. Well, I just don't think the newspaper gets the most up-to-date information about activities.
7. Well, the paper comes out weekly.
8. What's the problem?
9. The fact that it comes out just once a week is the problem.
10. I read the paper every Monday.
11. But then I forget that they are having a concert or showing a film or whatever, or like on Thursday or Friday and that'll always give me a reminder, on the day of the event.
12. Yeah, that way you wouldn't forget.
13. And like if something gets cancelled at the last minute.
14. Well that way you'd know and you wouldn't waste time showing up and no one is there.
15. I haven't thought of that.
16. That would be really helpful.
17. But do you think students are actually gonna read the E-mail?
18. Are you kidding?
19. Everyone checks their E-mail at least once a day.
20. And if maybe they also include the cafeteria menu for the day in the E-mail.
21. Well, then people are definitely gonna to read it.
22. You are so right; I can't wait until they start.