TPO 32 - Question 3

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TPO 32 - Question 3

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The writer of the letter proposes that the university should run a free bus service between the campus and the airport during break times, because there is currently no public transportation in the line. Also, the university can use the regular buses on campus to do this service. The man in the conversation thinks this is a great idea. Firstly, he says that right now, it’s very expensive to get to the airport, since students always have to take taxi if they don’t have friends to give them a ride. It usually costs about 30 or 40 dollars. This is a big money for students. Also, he says that at the break times, there are fewer students on campus. So not many students need the bus service on campus. They don’t go to library as often.

1. Did you see this, Jim?
2. What do you think about her idea?
3. I think it'd be great.
4. It'd make things much less expensive, cause our campus is located outside the city.
5. If you can't get a friend with a car to give you a ride, there is no other way to get to the airport.
6. And your only choice is to take a taxi.
7. I know.
8. I've had to take a taxi before and it's pretty expensive.
9. Yeah, like thirty or forty dollars which is a lot especial for students.
10. Yeah, definitely
11. And I think it would work what she's suggesting.
12. I mean, there is less need for buses on campus during that time to take students between the buildings.
13. You mean because classes are over then?
14. Yeah, exactly, there might some final exams still going on but regular classes won't be meeting.
15. There are much fewer students left on campus and they don't need to get around campus that often.
16. Yeah, I guess they're just making occasional trips to take exams or go to the library or gym or whatever.
17. Right, it shouldn't cause any problems for anyone who still needs to get around campus.