TPO 21 - Question 5

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TPO 21 - Question 5

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According to the dialogue, the woman has a play to be put on in a week, but there is a minor role named Bill, he just cannot remember his lines. There might to two solutions for the woman. She could replace Bill, since it is minor character, other people could learn it quickly. Or she could work after rehearsals with Bill to help him remember the lines. I think the woman should take the second option. Replacing Bill will hurt his feelings, and it is not right for a leader to give up on a team member so easily. By spending some extra few hours with Bill after rehearsals, she can help Bill to remember the lines, and also show others her dedication into her play.

1. Hey Sarah, when did your play open?
2. The one you wrote and are directing?
3. In one week
4. And how is it coming along?
5. Well, the rehearsals have been going on pretty well.
6. There is just one problem.
7. What's that?
8. We have a guy named Bill playing one of the supporting roles, one of the minor characters.
9. OK?
10. And he just can't remember his lines.
11. All the other actors have their parts memorized except Bill.
12. We will be in the middle of rehearsing a big scene and he will forget what he is supposed to say next.
13. I thought he'd eventually improve, but now I am not sure he'll be ready for opening tonight.
14. Oh, no, that's not good.
15. What can you do at this point?
16. Well, I could replace him.
17. There are other actors on campus, actors who could play the part.
18. Yeah, since it's such a minor role, another actor could probably learn the part in time.
19. That's true.
20. It's just that I don't know how he'd feel about that.
21. Removing him from the play could hurt his feelings and he was really looking forward to being in it.
22. I see.
23. Well, could you, I mean maybe another thing you could do is spend time with him after rehearsals.
24. You know, work with him to help him learn and remember his lines.
25. Yeah, I could do that.
26. But there are other parts of the production I try to take care of after rehearsals so it'd take away from other things that I need to do before opening night.