TPO 44 - Question 3

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TPO 44 - Question 3

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Now, listen to two students discussing the letter.
Female: So what do you think of the proposal?
Male: I don't like it.
Female: Why not?
Male: Actually, I don’t think students are the right people to be making these decisions. They’re too close to the situation.
Female: What do you mean?
Male: Well, because students are directly involved in the groups, they can’t be as objective, as fair as administrators. I mean, what will prevent students on the committee from just giving money to their friend’s groups or favoring the groups themselves? I think having the university administrators make the decisions is more fair.
Female: Well, at least it would be good experience for the students who serve on the committee.
Male: Well, that’s another thing. I think they’d have a hard time finding students to serve on it. I mean, there are already a number of leadership positions open in various campus groups but most students just aren’t interested in them.
Female: That's true. The student council doesn’t even have a vice president.
Male: Right. Most students are just too busy. There’s no way you’re going to find enough students who are willing to volunteer their time for this committee. It’s too big of a time commitment.

sample answers:

According to the reading, the university is planning to establish student committee. The man disagrees with the decision.

His first reason is, students aren’t as fair as university administrators to make decisions. Students in the special committee have the chance to provide financial support to their friends or themselves.

Also he argues that most students aren’t interested in the leadership positions. A number of students are too busy to do volunteer work on the serving organization.