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College Radio Station to Undergo Major Changes?

The university is considering making major changes to the college radio station. Changes would include an expansion of the station's broadcasting range, which would allow the radio's programming to reach nearby towns. One goal of the plan is to attract more students to apply to its communications program. Another goal is to provide the university with an extra source of revenue. University officials expect the enhanced radio station to significantly increase the number of listeners, which will in turn encourage businesses to place commercials on the radio.

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The announcement states that university is going to expand the broadcast range of the radio station to be received in nearby towns. The woman agrees with the plan and brings up two reasons to support. First, she states that the proposal will improve the number and quality of the programs that are broadcasting and the programs will be more professional with larger real life audiences. It will give a better shot to the students at getting a job after their graduation in the future. Secondly, she asserts that it is beneficial for whole university. Her friend’s university did the same plan. Now, it makes money on commercials and spends the money on offering more scholarships and on funding renovation of facilities of other projects.