TPO 08 - Question 5

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TPO 08 - Question 5

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The man’s problem is that there is a big conflict in his course schedule, he’s got to take two required courses to graduate but they are offered at the same time. He has two possible solutions, the first is to do an independent study on his Shakespeare course. The second solutions is to take it at another school. I think the second solution is better. First of all, it’s mentioned in the conversation that the class being offer at the other school is excellent, also, he can make many friends when he’s over there. Second, in doing so, he still gets to go to lectures for it and work with the professor and classmates in class, which is more productive.

1. Hey Steve!
2. Are you ready for classes to start?
3. Not really!
4. There is still a big conflict in my course schedule.
5. What's wrong?
6. This is my last semester, and I've still got two required courses left to take in order to finish my literature degree.
7. OK?
8. I have to take both History of the Novel and Shakespeare, or I can't graduate.
9. Problem is the two courses meet at the same time.
10. Uh oh!
11. What are you gonna do?
12. Well, I talked to the professor who's gonna teach Shakespeare.
13. He said I could do an independent study to fulfill that requirement.
14. How would that work?
15. I'd read the assigned texts on my own, do all the same assignments and meet with him when I need to, if I have any questions.
16. Well, that sounds like a good way to fulfill the requirement.
17. Yeah, plus it would be nice to have one-on-one discussions with the professor.
18. It's just that… well, working on my own like that?
19. I am kind of concerned I won't be able to motivate myself enough to get the work done on time.
20. It is easy to put things off when it is not actual class, you know.
21. Are there other options?
22. Emm, yeah.
23. I found out that the shaksper class is being offered at another university about half an hour from here.
24. That university has a really great literature program and our university will accept their credits, so
25. That's an idea.
26. Yeah, I am sure it'd be a good class and it'll fulfill the requirement.
27. Only thing is, you know, I have to drive a half a hour to get to the class and a half an hour to come back, three times a week.
28. That's a lot of time and gas in money