TPO 14 - Question 5

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TPO 14 - Question 5

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The man’s problem is that his roommate is moving off campus next semester, and now he has to make a big decision about his living arrangement. The first solution is to get a new roommate. The second is to move off campus to share a room in a house with some other friends. I think the second solution is better. First of all, he’ll have more space if he has a room to himself, when living in a house, there’s no need to worry about studying late will disturb others as long as he keeps his door shot. Second, it’s a lot of fun living with a bunch of people, life will be more exciting. Last but not least, sharing a house with others is much more economical than living in the dorms.

1. Hey, Matt, how is going?
2. Uh, so so.
3. I've got a problem with my housing for next semester, and I have to make a decision soon.
4. What's going on?
5. Well, I live in a dormitory and I've got a great roommate for the last two years, but he is moving off campus next semester.
6. Oh, so….
7. So now I have to make a big decision, you know, about my living arrangement.
8. Well, couldn't you just get a new roommate?
9. Doesn't the university automatically assign someone to take his place?
10. Yeah they do.
11. The thing is I am concerned about sharing a room with somebody new.
12. There could be problems like what if he wanted to go to sleep at 10 o'clock.
13. I am used to studying late at night and that would throw off my whole study schedule.
14. I guess that's possible.
15. But it is convenient to be on campus, easy to get to class and all.
16. What else could you do?
17. Well, my roommate found a house off campus with some other friends and there's another bedroom available.
18. I could have it but I have to let them known by the end of the week.
19. A house sounds like a good idea.
20. It'd be fun to live with a group of people.
21. True and it would definitely be economical with everyone splitting the rent.
22. But it's just that this house is really far from campus.
23. I'd have to wake up much earlier to get to class.
24. It'd just be a lot more inconvenient than living in the dorm.