TPO 33 - Question 5

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TPO 33 - Question 5

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The man has promised the girl to take her place to work tonight. But he didn’t know that he was going to have a music rehearsal at the same time. But the girl has already made her plan this evening. So this is the problem. There are two solutions. The man, Bob, quits the music rehearsal and goes to work as he promised. Or, the girl cancels her plan with her friends. I would recommend the man to work as he promised, because it’s he who created the problem. If he hadn’t promised the girl to take her place, she probably wouldn’t have made her plan tonight. Even if there are new songs he hasn't practiced and tonight is the last practice, he has to take full responsibility of the mess, which is made by him.

1. Tina, I'm so glad I bump into you.
2. Hey, Bob, what's up?
3. Well, you know how I told you I could work for you tonight?
4. Cover you shift at the dining hall later?
5. Yeah, thanks so much for that.
6. Friday night dinner shifts are tough to find substitutes for.
7. Well, actually,
8. Oh, no!
9. Don't tell me something came up and you're canceling?
10. Um, yeah, I'm afraid I forgot tonight I've got a music rehearsal for the bend I'm in.
11. Music rehearsal?
12. Yeah, I play keyboards for Little Rock Band here on campus and we've got practice tonight to prepare for a concert we're doing that's coming up.
13. It's really kind of important.
14. Well, I don't know what to do now because I already made plans to go to the school's play with some friends tonight.
15. Oh!
16. Yeah, and there's no way I can find someone to work my shift now.
17. It's so last minute.
18. I'm really sorry, Tina.
19. Well, I guess I could cancel my plan to see the play.
20. Go see it another time by myself since my friends are seeing it tonight.
21. I think it's playing for another week.
22. Or, you know, I guess I could talk to the band leader explain to him that I can't make the band practice tonight.
23. Yeah?
24. Yeah, I mean, it's my fault I forgot and I want to do the right thing here since I did say I'd work for you.
25. It's just that some of the songs are new to me and tonight's our last practice before the concert.
26. I don't want to sound bad at the show.