TPO 46 - Question 5

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TPO 46 - Question 5

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The man’s problem is that his cousin will spend the day on campus tomorrow and they have plans to have dinner together in the evening. However, he has a prior engagement at that time for a special class meeting to discuss a Hitchcock film.

  There are two solutions discussed. One is that his cousin can have dinner with the woman and some of her friends instead. The other is that the man skips the class meeting.

  I think it’s a good idea that his cousin has dinner with the woman because she could also tell his cousin a lot of things about campus life and it would be a good chance for his cousin to talk to different people. This way, the man doesn’t have to miss the discussion which could be very interesting.

1、key words:Briefly summarize,problem,two solutions,recommend,Explain the reasons

  2. key points:

  (1) Briefly summarize the problem the speakers are discussing.

  (2) State which of the two solutions from the conversation you would recommend.

  (3) Explain the reasons for your recommendation.

  3. lecture key points:

  (1) The man faces a time conflict, that is, he wants to go to view an Alfred Hitchcock film, but meanwhile he has scheduled to have a dinner at the dining hall with his cousin. The two speakers are discussing about the solutions.

  (2) Warmheartedly, the woman offers to have dinner with the man’s cousin in the dining hall so that the man can go to view the film.

  (3) The man proposes another solution that he will have dinner with his cousin and rent the film later.

  4. ideas:

  (1) I prefer the man’s solution, that is, he will have dinner together with his cousin as scheduled and view the film later.

  (2) The reasons are: It is important for people to keep their promises. Besides, his cousin is kind of shy and he might be uncomfortable with people he doesn’t know.

  5. templates:

  (1) According to the conversation, it seems that the man faces a dilemma…

  (2) The first solution is that… and the second solution is that…

  (3) As far as I am concerned, I prefer that…

  (4) First, due to the fact that… and second…