TPO23 – Q5

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TPO23 – Q5

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You like to change the idea in the last sentence by 'however...', that's wrong. Need to say: Even though there are some days bad (raining), he can always find the ways to go school on time...for example, buy a rain coat.

The pattern for Q5:

part 1. Briefly summarize the problem the speakers are discussing. //about 15 seconds.

part 2. Then state which of the two solutions from the conversation you would recommend. //about 15 seconds. Like: there are possibly two solutions: The first one is: blabla....the second one is: blabla...If I were the woman/man, I would choose the first/second solution.

part 3. Explain the reason for your recommendation. //(suppose the recommendation is the first solution). Even though the second solution has some advantages like: blabla(about 15 seconds), still I choose the first solution . because reason 1, blabla(about 15 seconds)...reason 2, blabla(about 15 seconds)...Don't put here some thing like 'However...' to against yourselves