TPO 41 - Question 6

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TPO 41 - Question 6

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In the lecture, the professor provides two reasons to illustrate the theory that play is important for kids to develop in an emotionally healthy way.

The first one is that play helps children feel more in control. Since small children have to depend on adults, so they often feel helpless, uneasy and anxious. But when they play, they can be in control. They can decide which toy they’re going to play and how to play with it. Sometimes they take building blocks and make a building out of them and without any help.

Another reason is that play gives children a safe way to explore certain urges and desires. For example, kids may take the urge to be destructive, so by being destructive during play, their parents won’t get upset. Like some kids will build a tower and smash it all down. And that's the two reasons the speaker presented to explain the theory.