TPO 06 - Question 3

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TPO 06 - Question 3

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The author of the letter suggests that the history department to shorten the seminars from three hours long to two hours, because it’s too long for students to concentrate. In the conversation, the woman disagrees with the suggestion. First of all, she thinks that Tim can’t pay attention in class because he stays up late partying every night, not that the seminars are too long for students to stay focused. Other students are doing fine. And the second reason is that the last hour of the class is the most interesting because students start to have discussions and exchange ideas. That’s when they really get involved and learn important things.

1. Now listen to two students discussing the letter.
2. I totally disagree with Tim's proposal.
3. Why?
4. Well look, Tim's my friend, but he's not your typical student.
5. He stays up late partying every night, week nights too.
6. If he parties every night, no wonder he can't pay attention.
7. Yes, and most students aren't like that.
8. They come to class prepared and rested and they can concentrate.
9. So, you are saying the problem is really Tim.
10. Yes, he was in one of my classes last year and whenever I looked at him he was actually sleeping.
11. I guess if he's sleeping, he can't really know what's happening, what other people in class are doing.
12. Right, and you want to know what does happen in that last hour of seminar?
13. In a lot of seminars that I've been in, that's when things get interesting.
14. Really?
15. Yes, that's usually when students get really involved in their discussion and start exchanging important ideas.
16. And if the history department actually did what Tim suggests, well, if they did that, what would happen is you lose what might be the most worthwhile part of the seminar.