TPO 46 - Question 4

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TPO 46 - Question 4

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 1、key words: 

Explain, the professor’s example from the lecture, warning coloration

   2. key points: 

  (1) Know what example the professor give in the lecture; know the term warning coloration by reading the short passage.

  (2) Explain how the professor’s example from the lecture illustrates warning coloration.

   3. key points for reading: 

  (1) Warning coloration is one of the defense mechanisms that help protect animals from predators.

  (2) If a predator does not recognize the meaning of this coloration and attacks, it may suffer significant discomfort or injury.

  (3) As a result, the predator learns to avoid attacking animals that have that coloration.

  4. key points for lecture:

  (1) Skunks are very easy to see and very easy to recognize even from a distance. To protect themselves from being attacked, skunks produce a terrible smelling liquid to drive away the predators.

  (2) When a wolf is preparing to attack a skunk, it will be sprayed terrible smelling liquid, which will make the wolf extremely unpleasant.

  (3) As a result, whenever that wolf sees of furry little black body with a big white stripe running from its head to its tail, it’ll recall that terrible smell and it’ll be sure to stay far away.


sample answers:

Warning coloration is a defense mechanism that protects animals from predators. The professor uses an example of the skunk to illustrate it.

Skunks have a distinctive marking with a big white stripe that stretches from their head all to way to their tail. The white stripe on their black body makes the skunk very recognizable. Skunks also have special glands that can produce a repulsive smelling liquid.

When the skunk is approached by a predator, like a wolf, it will spray the wolf with this liquid, which is very unpleasant to the wolf. The next time when a wolf sees a little black body with a big white stripe, it’s going to associate the coloration with the terrible smell and avoid confrontation.