tpo8.task4.Behavior ModificationIndividuals often modify their behavior based on what they have learned about the possible consequences of their actions When an individual learns through experience that a certain behavior results in pleasant consequences,

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please help me with integrated speaking which has a conversation and we need to discuss about problem and solution with the time distribution. Like how many seconds on problem and solution, and how many seconds on our opinion?

You have two issues in your speaking:
1. hesitations
2. talk over time. it means you couldn't pick up the main features. Put a clock beside you during speaking.

Try this pattern for Q3:
Introduction. something like 'and provide two reasons to support'. about 15 seconds
Reason 1, blabla... about 20 seconds
Reason 2, blabla... about 20 seconds

Try this pattern for Q4:
Introduction. something like 'The professor is talking about....'. about 15 seconds
Sub topic 1, blabla... about 20 seconds
Sub topic 2, blabla... about 20 seconds

Listen to this user:

she got 26 in speaking:

She managed the time very well.