"According to a recent report by our marketing department, during the past year, fewer people attended Super Screen produced movies than in any other year. And yet the percentage of positive reviews by movie reviewers about specific Super Screen movies ac

Before revisiting the budget for the next year, we need to take into account some of the questions which are unanswered. Firstly the details of the report have not yet been published. We don’t know whether it is a survey or based on actual ticket sales of the movie theatres, if so how many movies and theatres were taken as samples to generate the report. Although the Super Screen produced movies are gaining positive reviews, but it states that the percentage of positive review movies are increasing which does not mean that every movie is good. It might be possible that the report is of some bad or distasteful movie. Thus it might be possible that the report is of some bad or distasteful movie. Additionally advertisements fall under the department of marketing, and thus these reports may have been doctored to get the company to set aside more resources to their department.

Secondly the current economic conditions may be restricting the regular movie fanatics to get lower their expenses and thus have stopped going to movies, such a problem may never be solved with greater amount of advertisements. The movies made may also not be to the current taste of the genre. Although a movie may receive positive reviews it does not mean that they are being made to the public liking. Movies about wars and war heroes were a huge success during the World War II but have since diminished in fame after the war. A properly directed and produced movie about a war, in a time of peace in the region may garner positive reviews but may not be of public liking.

Finally we may say that, advertisements about the movies won’t do much help until we get the details of the report, along with that the company should also conduct surveys on the current trend of movies as well as the current economic conditions. If all these reports infer that the movies are in terms with the current genre and the economic conditions are stable and yet attendance of their movies are not higher, only then should they go for a greater budget to be allocated for advertisements.

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You need introduction and conclusion paragraphs. 'Finally' is like 'thirdly', though in this essay it means a conclusion.

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