Claim In any field business politics education government those in power should step down after five years Reason The surest path to success for any enterprise is revitalization through new leadership

The author of the issue states that the leader in lots of fields such as business, politics, education, government should resign after five years because he thinks that the most certain path towards success for any field of enterprise is renewal in leadership. In fact, I agree with neither the claim and nor the reason as they are as I find them both unconvincing.
First of all, it seems uncompelling to generate a similar strategy for all enterprises and organizations in order to achieve success. One single tactic may work for an enterprise and may not work for another. These activities include different scopes and aspects, in consequence, there should be different solutions for them in order to be profitable. For example, in politics, experience comes first. So, a good leader is the one who not only is sagacious, and perspicuous but is also full of experiences. In other words, a good leader defines as a person who has been involved in political problems for a long time. So, it is not always about being fresh and young, there are some fields which demand maturity and practical knowledge for a leadership position.
Even if we assume that all leaders should resign after some years, there is no logical reason, why they should step down after five years. Sometimes young leaders can be useful for about fifteen years. Specifically, in running a business, a leader may gain experience and learn how to deal with different situations in the first five years. After passing five years he is much more skillful and adroit in his position so it is totally unconvincing to change his position at this stage and bring a new head for the company.
As I already stated, I find the reason problematic too. The problem is that the path to success has a variety of elements that a leader should amalgamate all those to gain profit. Being young and theoretically full of ideas is just one of the elements.
In the final analysis, there are some drawbacks to both claim and reason that the author mentions. As I argued above hands-on experiences play an important role to be successful in approximately all fields and it is not reasonable to sacrifice this factor for the sake of youth.

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