"Over the past ten years, there has been a 20 percent decline in the size of the average audience at Classical Shakespeare Theatre productions. In spite of increased advertising, we are attracting fewer and fewer people to our shows, causing our profits t

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Marketing is an important part of our business endeavors , while it is an arduous intention to be competent even in few field, we frequently rely on competence of different individuals, however, this passage is informatively impotent. The writer of the note draws a conclusion based on invalid cause and effect relationship, moreover, he uses data to make a sweeping generalization from a limited sample. Furthermore, the author fails to evaluate supply and demand disparity. Rather than bring strong expertise, the author's conclusion that the new program 'Shakespeare in the Park' will attract more audiences bases on a flawed assumption.

Although there was a rise of 10% in profits of "Avon Repertory Company" after the commencement of "Free plays in Park", however, this is not enough to prove that the new program was solely responsible for this raised profit. Generally speaking, it is likely that other enterprises of the analogous organization responsible for this success. For example, the foregoing company could bring into existence incalculable quantity of unsuccessful and magnificently fortunate initiatives about which, in worse case scenario, the author trivially does not aware. Vice versa, if the author amalgamates to the given version of the informational note with additional scrutinized details that the "Free plays in Park" solely responsible for the aforementioned result, by and large, the argument would be forceful.

Additionally, there is a fallacious hypothesis which relates to supply and demand contemplation, particularly, the author suggest that, although, it is possible to organize supply for a potential audience by initiating of the new program. Taking logic into consideration, It does not mean that there is a demand for this program which could produce needed result. For instance, if there is a demand for "Free plays in Park" program, it does not mean that will be demand for Shakespeare in the Park' program because this innovation should take into consideration taste of potential consumers. Conversely, if the author can prove that there is a potentially appropriate demand which could be satisfied by recommended initiative, this auxiliary Information aggregated with aforementioned proposal possibly would lead to predicted result.

Here is one more flaw, although, we can see some concrete numbers, the creator of the passage does not provide statistically appropriate arguments and therefore, in the given form, interposed information is insufficient. Concretely, statistically appropriate information demonstrate mathematically valid generalization about an entire population with regards to needed parameters, moreover, correct conclusions based on statistic gives decision maker toolbox of resolution which we do not see in the passage. Particularly, the author states that Two years ago the nearby Avon Repertory Company started a 'Free Plays in the Park' program, and its profits have increased 10 percent since then. However, this data suffers from a lack of representative sampling which is a cornerstone for making analytic judgment, conversely, if the author adds information that will provide the forenamed mathematical evidence then, in the best case, it could lead to adequate evaluate the recommendation.

The argent could be strengthened if the author provided information regarding the supply and demand side of the problem, moreover, the argument could be further strengthened if the author were to interpose key statistical data. Furthermore, it is necessary to investigate whether or not " Free Plays in the Park " add to profit to aforementioned organization and therefore as it stands, however, the argument is erroneous for the indicated reasons.

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