success is easily obtained but difficult to maintain.

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success is easily obtained but difficult to maintain.

Every person wants to be successful in his or her life. It is a human nature to achieve his goal and feel the victory in life, but it is true that to acquire the success anyone have to work diligently and it is also true that to maintain the achievement, more harder work is needed.

For an example, we can talk about my country, Bangladesh; which achieved its independence within 9 months after beginning the liberation war, but after 40 years of liberty, we cannot even achieve our one goal what was dreamed by our freedom fighters; such as, to conquer the poverty, to enhance the education level up to 90 percentage, to provide a standard lives for our citizens.

Even after 40 years, we cannot get an appropriate judgment for our intellectual murder during war of liberation. Until in present time, as a female person we also cannot go outside alone for safety reason, we cannot visit many places by ourselves for security purpose. It is really shameful for us, but this is the truth that we cannot maintain our success which we achieved after 9 months of destructive war, where we lost seven million people.

This strategy is also true for a human life. If we observe an actor or actress life or a life of a model, we can see that in present time, media can make famous any person, but it is his or her duty to continue the achievement. Many actors just fall and lost forever for lack of maintenance. Such as; in my country "Close up 1" is a very famous program for searching hidden talent for singing and many people became famous for this program. After closing the episode, we can see a few singers who can sustain a longer time in media world as a singer.

In this consequence, it can be said clearly that without maintenance an achievement cannot last longer and it is truly harder to maintain the achievement than to obtain it.

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anyone have to work diligently
anyone has to work diligently

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