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49. Claim: We can usually learn much more from people whose views we share than from those whose views contradict our own.Reason: Disagreement can cause stress and inhibit learning.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or dis

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Neither do I agree with the claim that the author claims nor the reason he mentions. While overly discord would possibly be frustrating to some extent, people with different opinions would usually bring positive effect for one to improve. Therefore, I believe one would learn more from those who don’t share the same views with us than from those who do.

Admittedly, in some extreme scenario, blind disagreement from other people may impede one from achieving his goal. Examples are everywhere on the Internet nowadays. If one look at the comment section of a news, he may find that people debate with each other without logic. In the era when all can express their opinion with freedom, many people fail to address their view with the correct manner. Rather than discussing the pros and cons to some specific problem, they just accentuate their own points without listening to others. Such disagreement and debate between people is undeniably useless and pointless, and no one learns anything from the debate.

However, we should aware that the situation mentioned above is not what rational and reasonable people would do. By offering other different opinion, they would exchange their ideas, considering why they fail to reach a consensus, and by finding such reason, they may realize what the problem is, which in return would bring valuable outcomes not only for themselves, but also for the human race. It is commonly seen that two school children have different answer to the same given problem by their teacher. Not offering them the sample solution directly, the teacher may ask them to show their own approach separately and discuss the difference. One child may find himself a dummy error during calculation, while the other may realize that he fails to understand the question correctly. Such process of learning, by discussing one’s own perspective from distinct aspects, and arguing with rationality, would definitely help student to improve their studies.

For the human being as a whole, peer evaluation is one of the most indispensable tool that helps to improve the academe. For a specific essay, not knowing the author, a scholar comment on what he not agrees with. While receiving enough critics, the author should consider whether opinions from other scholars would contribute to his essay, which may lead to surprising breakthrough in his field of study. As we can see, disagreement not only doesn’t become the drawback of academic improvement, but also drives the improvement of the whole human race.

In sum, I would still suggest that people can learn more from those who can provide contradict opinions with us. Arguing and discussing with them with rationality and critical thinking, rather than blindly expressing one’w own views while ignoring others, we would learn more than by just listening to those who agree with us.

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