55 In order for any work of art for example a film a novel a poem or a song to have merit it must be understandable to most people

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55、In order for any work of art—for example, a film, a novel, a poem, or a song—to have merit, it must be understandable to most people.

If a art work wants to be valuable, some assume that it must be accessible to most people. It seems to hold water, especially for certain specific purposeful works, but in more scenarios, I am skeptical on that point. Because what makes art works being great and memorable is not its easy-attainable essence, on the contrary, is its considerable furtive metaphor underlying its apparent complexity. Indeed, if works with ostensible simplicity elicit profound contemplation of people, they will be serving as the best, merit-wealthy arts.

While arts accessible to people are not always arts possessing merit, the existence of such arts could not be repudiated, and sometimes those works' simplicity is the selling point. Just as a film describing how a man living around poverty and negativity works to break out limits of classes, which is named The Pursuit of Happiness. It has simple storylines but powerful and contagious influence to people straggling in life, merit and worldview it expresses has been regarded as a paragon of diligence. Or like a novel wrote by Peterson, Doctor Zay, using simple and nimble style to depict a woman doctor but evoked a critical discussion regarding female doctors in late years in 19C. As mentioned, a plethora of works bringing people power or thinking are based on an assumption that they are fully understandable of those works. Its terse words or meanings proliferate its influence scope.

However, what mention precedent is just a feature of those renowned works, and the logic is that those works' simplicity is one of factors affecting their success, not a direct reason leading to it. Hence, there must be any alternative factors acting a more important role. One is that its essence. The essence is that latent meanings underlying those apparent words, figures or lyrics. Peterson, a writer widely regarded as a pure pious icon of American convention, was been alternative ascribed as a so-called contradictory writer since the emergence of feminist literary scholarship in 60s. Because she delineate things in her works in a pessimistic tone but, on the contrary, she also performed as a sheer and sardonic commenter of social critique. Some scholars conclude that, her works are in fact using apparent pessimistic tone to evoke readers' emotion to make them embrace social change, in other words, the assumed pious conventionality was exploited by her as a disguise for her subjective ideology. Thus, critiquing a work's quality is not a simply check of its understandableness towards most people. But a scrutinization of its context and subtext, in that most of revolutionary works of novels and poems were written by authors living in a turbulence era, that forced they to create surreptitiously.

In sum, despite simplicity may be a feature favored by people, it determines no credentials for success. Simply listing a work's simplicity and accessibility to people as a touchstone is improper due to the heterogeneity of contexts and subjects of art works.

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