In any field of endeavor it is impossible to make a significant contribution without first being strongly influenced by past achievements with that field

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In any field of endeavor, it is impossible to make a significant contribution without first being strongly influenced by past achievements with that field.

Today everyone enjoying the convenience of highly developed technology in many different fields, we are lucky enjoy these achievements accumulated by many fore runners. Even in today, the most experienced scholar must reference a lot of achievements of the study before his new research published. This means a remarkable contribution in any field must base on past achievement. Obviously past achievement can help and instruct researchers make new contribution, with the help of these experience, we can reach such a high position.

Isaac Newton is well known with his contribution of exploring many principles of physic, when everyone admiring his great achievement, he just says that he is only standing on the shoulders of the giant. This means that his contribution is made with a lot of help of past achievements. Today with the advance technology of communication, we can contact with our friend any time and any place. We can benefit from it thanks to the great theory of electromagnetic field established by Maxwell. However, Maxwell is not the first person established the theory of electromagnetic field but he is inspired a lot from an elder scientist who first mentioned the conception of “field”. In a word, every great thing is developed step by step, great contribution must base on past achievement. So, it is more possible to a significant contribution with strong influence by past achievement.

Since many great contributions based on past achievement of that field, when combining achievements from different fields, there will be more considerable discovery. With every field highly developed today, great contribution seems harder to make new achievement. However, when significant achievements in different fields come to reference each other, many new contributions will be made. One hundred years ago, a famous physicist says that the skyscraper of science is nearly complete. Thinking about the possibilities of the combination of different fields, considerable contribution will be made with the interaction of different fields.

Of course, many contributions must base on the past achievement before, there is still many significant achievements discovered by coincidence. Antibiotic was found occasionally due to a false operation before a researcher leaving his laboratory, even the famous equation indicates the relationship between mass and energy was explored occasionally by Albert Einstein. Obviously, luck sometime plays an important role in making new contributions. However, and without the direction of past achievements, praying significant contribution is made just like rolling a dice and the possibility is extremely low. So, if someone is hope to make great achievement, he must be instructed by past goals.

Viewing through many significant contributions, many of them is not made by coincidence but based on many past achievements before. So, new significant achievement must base on the direction of past goals.

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