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Claim: Even though young people often receive the advice to “follow your dreams,” more emphasis should be placed on picking worthy goals.Reason: Many people’s dreams are inherently selfish.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which

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One may agree or disagree with the claim. The fact is that such statement is used to motivated the youth and it must not be taken in the literal context. I agree that a person should focus on the worthy goals and must work diligently.
Dreams can be of various types. But all dreams are not selfish. While some people dream of realistic dreams and hence to choose to work on it and give their potential to make their wish come true. On the other hand, some dreams are not realistic and the person knows that it is not possible to come true. It is a good advice that a person must follow his dreams, but it doesn't mean that we have to turn a blind eye towards everything else. There are lot many things to be considered before we simply start following our dreams. There are lot of factors which play a major role in man's success. For example, a person may dream of going to Mars, but it doesn't mean that he can go easily. Even if he has a lot of money and resources, still he may not be able to fulfill his dream. It will be better if the person can can focus on worthy things and work on it. This way, he could lead a happy life with his family.
On the other hand if a person dreams of starting a new company and if he is aware of the procedures required to do so, then he must not let anything to stop him from doing so. For such a person, the advice given in the argument would work wonders. Or a person may dream of getting a score of 340 in GRE. It can be achieved, the person has to just believe in himself and with proper guidance and hard work, such a dream can be achieved.
It is true that some successful people will always tell that a person must follow his passion,but there is a fine line between passion and a dream. A person may be passionate about his job and may dream of traveling the world. Moreover, we dream of many things during a day, it doesn't mean that we go after all of them. Thus,a person must know his limitations and focus on realistic things which are worth working.
Dreams keep on changing. A person who initially wanted to buy a car, after owning a car, might dream of a better car. Thus an advice to follow your dreams may seem to be motivational, but it needs to be taken in proper way and must not be followed blindly.

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