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Governments should not fund any scientific research whose consequences are unclear.Write a response in which you discuss your views on the policy and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should

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The development of any society resides on its scientific research. The outcomes revolutionize all the different sectors whether it is economy, education, manufacturing and also other fields of science. Scientists conduct research first theoretically then they use experiments to test their results. The alarming problem is that these tests are expensive thus the government is reluctant to fund experiments that have unclear results. In my opinion, the government should offer financial help to these researches even if the outcomes are not clear as they are the support for all researches.

Initially, the experiments are mainly governed by the laws of nature. In other words, even if studies have shown that under certain circumstances an experiment should yield the theoretically found results, different things might happen. For example, if we study that certain elements chemical reaction will yield a new compound based on their components the experiment can yield a different one or it might not even happen. Some experiment needs e catalyst to trigger them and this would have never been found if it was not for testing. This shows that studies give a trajectory but various compounds might come in contact and change the result thus all experiments are unclear yet the government cannot stop funding all of them.

Secondly, most researches that are risky and serious need to be tested. The theoretical study provides, sometimes, wrong data. Taking the airplane's wings as a way of illustration, science is still not able to give empirical equations for the turbulent flow over them. Furthermore, simulation gives very different and unconceivable numbers even if the inputs are the same. Eventually, the only way to check the design and the aerodynamic is by using wind tunnels. These tests never fail to provide accurate values, they are always made even if they are expensive. Assume that the government does not provide any more for these types of tests, then no improvement will be done on the structure of airplanes yet they are necessary because the demand is really high and the means are scarce to keep using the same designs.

Finally, many of the theories and equations used in our daily education were found by chance or by experiment. Tests never fail to give accurate evidence and if the results are not similar to the outcome then they are, in fact, interesting and crucial to the thesis because they will help correct if not innovate it. Many researchers actually insert the wanted outcome as an input and use experiments to compare it to the outcomes. If the outcome is similar then the difference is zero which is perfect if not then the system will correct the disturbances and then repeat the experiment to achieve no errors. Some applications require no degree of freedom as it will cost lives such as airplanes and rockets and medicine as well.

In conclusion, experiments are imperative for a nation that seeks success. They lead to Improve the life of humanity and come up with solutions for the scarce materials. In addition, experiments are the best tools to understand how our nature works and how to control it better.

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