If a goal is worthy then any means taken to attain it are justifiable

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If a goal is worthy, then any means taken to attain it are justifiable.

The evolution of human race very much depends on the actions every individual or a group takes throughout their lives. Every person has their own goals and these goals need not match with others’ interests. And this particular individual or the group will strive hard to achive these set of goals by various mean possible. Some might stop in the way maybe because of various reasons and somemight go to ends to meet their deeds. The argument in the claim states that all actions taken to attain these goals are justifiable. Although, I agree this to an extent, I disagree with the claim for the following reasons explained below.

Goals has a different interpretation for every individual. However, if the struggle attains a “postive effect” for the society as a whole without having any negative consequences, one might fight for the cause to the very end. For example, consider the freedom struggle of India. India had been under the Birtish rule for almost 150 years. People were looted and were stripped of their fundamental rights. The whole nation suffered and needed independece to be free. So, when people like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, etc, fought for the independence, the whole nation joined them and India was set free on 15th January 1947. If you look at this example, the cause here is a commom ground of oppresion for the whole nation. So, a cause like this can be faught till one achives the final goal.

However, not all goals of a person or a group can have a postive effect on everyones’ life. There are people who scam others for money. And they stuggle in every way to entice them into some trap and lure them into losing their hard-earned money in one way or other. Consider the popluar example of Satyam Scam happended in India. The CEO of Satyam industries fabricated the and results of the company and created the impression that the company was blooming with results and raised the hopes of not the people working in the company, but also for every stakeholder. As a result, the company price skyrocketted duriong the peirod of the scam. However, once the truth came out that the CEO is just manipulating the results of the company to increase the value of the company, the stock price plummetted and the company fell apart. Although the goal of the CEO is to increase the value of the company, he faught it in the wrong way where there are many negative implications. So, these type of actions cannot to be justified.

Not all people want the society to be good. Consider Osama Bin Laden, the infamous terrorist responsible for the 9/11 attacks that till date, is one of the most gruellsome event in the history of the United Stated of America. Bin Laden, along with his deciples, highjackjed airplanes and bulldozed them into the then twin towers. Many poeple died in this massacre and many lost their loved ones. The reason no matter how big, cannot justify Bin Laden’s act.

In conculsion, the term “goal” although superficially attributed in a positive sense, has to been looked up carefully before concluding that all the actions taken to achieve this goal can be justfied. If a kid is working part-time to clear his education loans, or a if it is a group of people trying to establish a library in their society, all the struggles they take to achieve this goal can be justified, provided, there is no third party harm. And if it is a terrorist group aiming to harm people, no matter how good the reasons might be, cannot be justified.

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